Needed Supplies

Please note that at this time, WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING CLOTHING DONATIONS. 

Sacred Stone Camp is in dire need of FIREWOOD. If you're looking to help, the very best way would be to organize deliveries of firewood to our camp. Please make sure the driver knows they are coming to Sacred Stone Camp (as opposed to the bigger camp). If you have questions about delivering firewood to us, feel free to contact us.

Sacred Stone Camp also is also in need of propane, winter-ready 4WD trucks and cargo vans in very good working condition, and workers to help us build emergency structures. We are always accepting financial donations and you can find ways to donate money at our Donate page.

Supplies can be sent to Sacred Stone Camp, P.O. Box 1011, Fort Yates, ND 58538. Please let us know if what you are sending requires a physical address, and we can provide that. 



  • FIREWOOD (large quantities - PREFERABLY OAK, MAPLE, ASH)

  • Tipis/Tipi Poles/TIpi liners for winter

  • Pick-Up Truck w/ 4 wheel Drive

  • Trailers/Campers (for winter shelters)

  • snow tires - Various sizes; Tire Chains




  • batteries (AA, AAA, C, D)

  • Builders and workers to help with construction

  • carts and wheelbarrows for hauling wood

  • Cigarettes-Marlboro reds and camels

  • FIREWOOD (Preferably oak, maple, ash) <<< This is one of our biggest winter needs  

  • propane

  • tesoro Gas Cards

  • Gift cards - Amazon, Verizon, GAS

  • mechanics

  • Pick up Trucks (in excellent condition to handle winter - 4WD only)

  • Shipping Container 20 Ft

  • Snow camo

  • snowmobiles

  • snow shoes

  • snow tires (inquire for sizes)

  • Tipis and Tipi poles

  • tipi liners for winter 

  • water tank with heater